Letter from the Board, May 2012

12 years ago


May 10, 2012


Dear ICD DAD member,

We very much regret that we are not able to accept the kind invitation of our Russian colleagues to do the Annual Meeting and Conference of the ICOM/ICDAD group in Mosscow which was planned for September, 2012.

The members of the ICDAD Board are very grateful to Elena Titova and Irina Shalugina (All Russia Museum of Decorative, Applied, and Folk Arts, Moscow) for making a great effort to organize the trip for our membership.

After much discussion, the ICDAD Board has reluctantly decided that we must postpone plans to meet in Moscow until 2014. Among the reasons are the high costs of staying in Moscow, our concern that not enough members would be able to attend. In addition, there are a number of competing conferences that ICDAD members will also wish to participate in, for example, the 33 International Congress of Art Historians (CIHA ‐ Congrès International d’Histoire de l’Art) organized by The Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg.

We trust you will understand our reasons for postponing the visit to Moscow and we will keep you updated on our 2013 Annual Meeting and Conferencee which will take place in Switzerland.

Best regards,

The ICDAD Board

Rainald Franz
Silvia Barisione
Petra Krutisch
Ellenor Alcorn
Helena Koenigsmarková
Wolfgang Schepers
Elsebeth Welander‐Berggren