Travel Grants for Young Museum Professionals 2020:

Portuguese grant (for young curators from outside Lisbon) 400 € + free conference registration

European grant: 1000 € + free conference registration

Non-European grant: 2000 € + free conference registration


The grant does not include post-conference tour or conference dinner

Grants will be distributed after the conference based on the justifying documents provided. The grantees pay their expenses and shall transfer all the invoices to the IC (treasurer) after the event. If the total amount of invoices is inferior to the grant, the IC reimburses only the invoices paid by the member. If the total amount of invoices is superior to the grant, the reimbursement of the IC is limited to it.

Criteria for the Award of Travel Grants for Participation of Young ICOM Members

1.      has been accepted to hold a lecture in the annual conference

2.      able to understand and speak English fluently

3.      be full-time museum employees

4.      individual member of ICOM /ICDAD

5.      aware that priority will be given to young members (≤ 35 years) from countries belonging to Categories 4, 3 and 2 (as defined in the membership grid available at the following address):

6.      aware that young members who have received grants in the last three years will not be given priority for a grant in 2020.

7.      up-to-date with their membership dues 

All applications should be sent to and must include:

  • the completed and signed application form;
  • a 500 words statement of the applicant’s motivation for attending the annual meeting and the benefits which he/she expects to derive from it;
  • the applicant’s curriculum vitae indicating training, work experience, publications as well as current work responsibilities within his/her institution (maximum one page);
  • a copy of a valid travel document (passport, identity card);

Each grantee will be required to submit a report and/or a questionnaire within two weeks following the meeting, stating his/her experience and contribution to ICOM activities and its International Committee.

The resources for this programme are limited. Applicants are required to comply with the eligibility criteria stated in this document.


To become a member of ICDAD you first have to become a member of ICOM. To do so please consult:

May you have any related questions please contact ICOM International Committee at:

 Application Form


To become a member of ICDAD you first have to become a member of ICOM. To do so please consult: