The 30 International Committees bring together experts of museum specialties.

They are global think tanks on museum, and more generally, heritage matters. They define standards, develop recommendations, and share professional experience and scientific information with ICOM members.

The ICOM International Committee for Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design - ICDAD - is devoted to decorative arts and design collections preserved within encyclopedic museums, decorative arts & design museums and related collections conserved in historic houses and monuments, castles and other related sites.

ICDAD was created in the year 2000 resulting from the division of the former International Comittee for Applied Arts (ICAA) into two committees: ICDAD and DEMHIST.

More than 500 members, individual and institutional, are part of this committee: museological institutions from more than 50 countries, as well as archives and universities related to the fields of decorative arts, design and museology.

The Committee on Decorative Arts and Design is dedicated to different topics as the design of products, experiences and stories behind the object, house interiors, reconstitution, conservation and exhibition, authors and techniques, preservation for the future and education.

How to become an ICDAD member

To become a member of ICDAD, please become a member of ICOM first: https://icom.museum/en/get-involved/

When being an ICOM member, please log in to the memberspace and choose ICDAD as your International Committee: https://icom-museum.force.com/login

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