Letter from the Board, December 2014

9 years ago

December 2014


Dear Colleagues,

The last Annual meeting in Graz on 15‐17th October and the following postconference tour to Ljubljana were possible due to the combined forcefforts of all employees in Graz Hans Schell Collection, especially Martina Pall and for Ljubljana Maja Lozar. All deserve great thanks. Details can be found in the archive on the website, as well as a brief synopsis of lectures.

Since the meeting could attend the new treasurer of ICOM Paris Peter Keller, we heard not only the information about changes in positions but in the entire functioning of ICOM headquarters. Anyway, after a few problematic years the headquarters want to be in greater contact with the individual national commissions and committees. For us ICDAD, this means even more to monitor general information and also deliver our messages gathering more information and sharing it in more frequent communications.

In short it is necessary to continuously monitor the agenda associated with the activity of commissions and it should not depend only on three functionaries officers of the board.

Again, we encourage all members to be more active, particularly in response to our call for adding contributing addresses, information and monitoring offering suggestions to the web of ICDAD. Here too we will strive for better richness in content and relevance. Again ultimately it depends on the offer which is open to all you ICDAD members, in reporting the exhibitions, new publications, information about interesting conferences and so on, everything is possible to publish on website.

We also decided to adapt the logo of the ICDAD website following the design given by ICOM. Considering that we will no longer be reimbursed for the contribution of ICOM 2012 Peter Keller proposed to make a request for scholarship for more than two persons, for four. It is also possible to apply for a grant for voyages travel expenses of the representative of the board for the annual General Assembly held in Paris in June.

With regard to the need for flexibility contact and the request of Annie Carlano (USA) for the release from the secretary position the assembly agreed that Martina Pall (Schell Collection Graz) will take hole charge this position of it until the next elections. Please send all your comments and suggestions not only to the chair but also to the secretary, possibly to all members of the board because we share everything and we agree who can meet the requirement.

It is important that we know the date of the next assembly in 2015. This time we accepted the invitation of the commission ICOMAM (IC of Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History) and the meeting will be held in Krakow on September 16‐18, 2015 at the National Museum and a postconference subsequently on September 18‐20, 2015.The bus will be organized to Warsaw. It will be possible to fly to Krakow and depart from Warsaw. The theme will focus on “On the crossroads: the meetings of cultures and crafts” (to be specified) to align with meet the missionfocus of both commissionittees. At that time also the international loan exhibition with the international participation “Ottoman Orient in the Renaissance Art” will be held in Krakow.

In July 2016 the ICOM General Conference will be held in Milan and our meeting will also take place there. We tentatively count to establish a common meeting with the GLASS Committee. Since we have to provide both accommodation and facilities for meetings and visits we ask you to send any suggestions. The theme of General Conference is “Museums and Cultural Landscapes”.

I hope very much we will continue in the following years with more contacts and cooperation and on behalf of the board I wish you Happy Christmas Holidays and a very good year 2015!

Helena Koenigsmarkova