Letter from the Board, December 2008

15 years ago


December 9, 2008


Dear ICDAD Member,

We are pleased to report on our meeting held last week in Hanover at the Museum August Kestner, which was kindly hosted by Wolfgang Schepers.

ICDAD Conference, Hanover, Germany, May 14-17, 2009

Our colleagues Wolfgang Schepers and Petra Krutisch, with the help of Ines Wagemann have planned a wonderful trip. Lectures, the marketplace and our meeting will be held at the Museum August Kestner, which houses superb collections of antiquities, medieval and later decorative arts, and design. We will visit the great Baroque gardens of Herrenhausen, the design firm Wilkhahn, the monastery of Wienhausen, Celle castle and the Bomann Museum, the Fagus Werke (Works) by Gropius, and Marienburg, former residence of the Princes of Hanover.

Dates: There will be an exhibition opening at the Museum on May 13th, “ZU GAST – 4000 Jahre Gastgewerbe” with Registration beginning Thursday morning, May 14th. The conference will conclude on Sunday afternoon May 17th. (There is no post-conference tour.)

Cost: The cost of registration, which will include all meals and transportation, will be between €250 and €300, with a discount available for early registration. The last few details are now being finalized, and we plan to post the itinerary here on the website within the next weeks.

Papers: The title of our conference will be: The Intersection of Art and Technology. Sessions will address such questions as:

  • When do the demands of art or design influence the development of technology (Meissen porcelain, for example), and
  • when does technology stimulate art?
  • How does workshop culture or manufacturing technique affect innovation?

Scholarships: ICDAD has made two scholarships available for younger members which will cover the conference fees. In addition, ICOM has designated funding for younger professionals. Application details will be posted on the website when the registration information is announced.

Other topics:

Archive: We would like to build up the Archive section of the ICDAD homepage, and ask members to submit their records and photographs of past annual conferences to be posted.

ICDAD 2010: The General ICOM meeting for 2010 will be held in Shanghai, and ICDAD would like to send representatives. In addition we are exploring the possibility of a conference in the Netherlands.

Please check the website again in a few weeks to download the registration form for the Hanover meeting, which promises to be a stimulating visit. We look forward to seeing you in May.


Best regards,
Rainald Franz
Silvia Barisione
Petra Krutisch
Ellenor Alcorn
Wolfgang Schepers
Elsebeth Welander-Berggren