New Board for 2023-2025 Announced

1 year ago

ICDAD elections for the next 2023-2025 triannium took place on the platform this year, immediately following the GEneral Meeting on 16 November 2022. THe voting poll closed on 23 November 2022 at 9 PM Paris time. Annamarie Sendecki and Rosita Nenno (both former board members) supervised the election. 

The results are: 

Melissa Rinne has been elected board chair. We received 61 valid votes, 56 yes and 5 abstentions. Melissa has accepted the vote and will be installeda s the new Chair for ICDAD. NOTE: From the 88 entries, not all were valid or eligible (e.g. double entry not an ICDAD voting member). 

9 candidates ran for 7 general board member posts. We received 68 valid votes, with no abstentions. The newly elected board members for the triannium 2023-2025 in alphabetical order are: 

  • Sarah Chasse
  • Mariàngels Fondevila
  • Denise Hagströmer
  • Kaja Muszyńska
  • Eva van Regenmortel 
  • Anika Reineke
  • Shoshana Resnikoff

All board members have accepted their roles, and ICDAD thanks all candidates for their time and interest in serving. 

Note: there have been 110 entries from 83 people, with some double/triple entries due to the new online voting process. Not all were members or voting members of ICDAD .The supervisors checked the eligibility of all voters with the help of the ICOM Secretariat. 

The work of the board will begin in January 2023.